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The Story Behind Nurture Cards

Nurture Cards TeacherAffirmations, are to affirm to ones self. ‘ to state positively ‘.

We affirm to ourselves, different beliefs every day – positive and negative. So do those around us, though what we affirm to ourselves is more powerful. The belief system that we create is what effects our confidence, self love, self worth, our positive attitude for ourselves and the world around us.

My name is Roxanne, I am the creator of Nurture Cards, and the mother of 2 beautiful girls.

I have had the absolute pleasure of designing Nurture Cards. The illustrations I chose to create, are designed for children to relate to, on their level. I actually made a choice to make them’ imperfectly perfect’. Often not using a ruler for lines, and trying not to make the drawing too ‘perfect’. With an emphasis on keeping each card bright and colourful. Focusing on issues children deal with, and using words that they understand.

I have done much research with counsellors, child psychologists, teachers, children and parents when developing the affirmations for Nurture Cards.

I felt a responsibility to choose the words carefully, to create powerful affirmations, each with an important with message.

Nurture Cards bring an exciting and magical element to every day.


  • I purchased you CD for my 9 yr old daughter to help build confidence, and we noticed something wonderful!

    She had been having issues with bed wetting, and the nights we played the CD, she did not wet the bed!!

    The nights we didn’t play it, she wet the bed…. Wow, and thank you so much, it is so beautiful for her to listen to, she loves it.

  • Thank You! Thank You! So last time I couldn’t stop thanking you enough for our Nurture Cards.

    Tonight I was really needing HELP, so I grabbed my phone and played the CD to my daughter. Yup, It’s safe to say you nailed it! The perfect ending to what was or could have been, the hardest night of my life.

    Forever GRATEFUL to own your cards and CD.

  • Hi Roxanne – I just received the Nurture cards.

    They are gorgeous and I cannot wait to introduce them to my kids tonight.



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