About Us

Welcome to Nurture Cards

My name is Roxanne, I am the creator of Nurture Cards, and the mother of 2 beautiful girls.

I have had the absolute pleasure of designing Nurture Cards.

The illustrations I chose to create, are designed for children to relate to, on their level. I actually made a choice to make them’imperfectly perfect’. Often not using a ruler for lines, and trying not to make the drawing too ‘perfect’. With an emphasis on keeping each card bright and colourful. Focusing on issues children deal with, and using words that they understand.

Over the years of parenting my family have had their ups and downs, and faced many challenges which have helped us grow and learn, and become the people we need to be.

At times I could see my children needed more positivity in their lives, and not always was it accepted from me, I would say “you are wonderful” , “you are a special friend to have”, however children often believe that parents ‘have’ to say these things.

Verbal affirmations may enter the subconscious, but they are far more powerful in the active conscious mind, and this occurs when one affirms to themselves.

Nurture cards are a result of a true passion that I have to help children enjoy their childhood, be confident in the unique individuals that they are and shine for who they are.

Self confidence can effect every aspect of our lives.

I have done much research with counsellors, child phsycologists, teachers, children and parents when developing the affirmations for Nurture Cards.

I felt a responsibility to choose the words carefully, to create powerful affirmations, each with an important with message.

Nurture Cards bring an exciting and magical element to every day.

We wish you and your family smiles, love and health.