How to Use Affirmation Cards

Affirmations, are to affirm to ones self. ‘ to state positively ‘ .

We affirm to ourselves , different beliefs every day – positive and negative. So do those around us, though what we affirm to ourselves is more powerful.

The belief system that we create is what effects our confidence, self love, self worth, our positive attitude for ourselves and the world around us.

Life can become busy with school, activities, homework and the parents working life. Your children may also be dealing with issues such as bullying, problems with peers ( such as acceptance ), parent separation or conflict, moving house or school, even stress that their parents could be experiencing. Nurture Cards add an opportunity to create positive and kind thoughts, and teach children positive self talk.

It is so easy to critisize ourselves, so learning to have positive thoughts about ourselves and others is a very important tool for a happy life. Once we have created negative self image, it can be hard to change that. This is why affirmation cards for children are so valuable and effective.

Nurture Cards are designed with warm colourful drawings that children can relate to, and empowering affirmations to promote self love, respect, kindness to themselves and others, calming anger, enthusiasm for learning, good health, courage, smiling and much more.

Children can do this each day by using Nurture Cards. They come with helpful information and instructions.

It is important to encourage your child to use the cards daily and continue with them long term, as this will strengthen the affirmations.

They will learn to source their own happiness, and create a strength in themselves that will assist them greatly with their life journey. With the self confidence and self love in their hearts they will be less likely to be pressured by peers , involved in alchol or drugs, or experience depression.

It is important to be encouraging, loving, fun carers of children, in many ways, every day. Try and be positive when teaching them, and remember to remind them of their qualities, and they will shine.Nurture Cards are simple, yet – SO POWERFUL.

Suitable for boys and girls from 3yrs ( for young children who cannot yet read, they work well with the cards if you read the affirmation for them to repeat )