A simple, fun, and effective way for students to build self-confidence

Self Confidence~ With Nurture Cards

Having confidence and self-belief can affect every aspect of our lives.

If all children were given the opportunity to build self-confidence and a positive mind, children that bully may not be an issue in our schools. Teachers can change a generation!

Can affirmations help create happy and confident children?

~ Just 5 minutes of each morning using Nurture Cards can make such an impact on your students. ~

Uniting them with a positive affirmation allows children the opportunity to build self-belief, self-confidence and develop a positive thought process. Can’t you just hear your class now


For ages over 5yr, this class participation my take a bit of getting used to – but they will!

“Given the many MANY resources I have used/purchased over the years, I can’t say that any have had quite the impact that these cards have had. I’ve been beyond impressed !!!! “
~ Don, Teacher, Canada

I have created Nurture Cards with a true passion for building self-belief in children, and helping them to shine as the unique individuals that they are. Encouraging kindness, gratitude, respect for themselves and those around them.

Self-confidence assists children in many ways. Socially, with self-expression, creativity, imagination and also helps children to engage, participate and excel in learning. When children feel a sense of self-worth they, feel more confident in their learning abilities.

Affirmations work by creating a belief system. Cementing the thought, and when a situation arises that contradicts that thought, the affirmation comes to mind to help. If your affirmation is “I am wonderful, just the way I am”, and you are told you are “stupid”. The affirmation will remind you of your belief. You will then be thinking. .”I’m not stupid, I am wonderful!” Without positive beliefs, you may take on the insult just given to you…believing that you are stupid. The more an affirmation is repeated, the stronger it becomes.

Special & LovedWhat we think about ourselves, can effect how we develop. If we feel we are worthless, we will behave like we are worthless. If we believe that we are special and loved, we will behave like we are special and loved. This is why affirmations are so important for children. Children are developing foundations on which to grow. Once we have matured, it is very hard to change those foundations.

Having a strong self-confidence also helps children become more resilient to the effects of bullying, as they have the education of positive thinking and self-belief.

nurture-childThose who bully, most often do this to make themselves feel better.. but if they create a positive self-image and a positive thought process, they will NOT feel the need to bully others. They will develop their own self-esteem. Other negative situations that children may experience with in our community are family disharmony, divorce, negative/poor self-image, anxiety, violence, depression.. Using Nurture Cards in the classroom helps reach all children, those who may be experiencing one of these issues.

The cards are a wonderful tool to help these children through difficult times, while providing a comforting space, some time for positive thinking and creating confidence in their value. This in turn will also increase their desire to learn and participate in class.

Using Nurture Cards in the classroom provides all children with the tools that will allow them to be the best that they can be. Teachers are able to help all children with creating a positive mind, especially those children that may not have the care and support at home. Just by providing the students with positive affirmations. Such a simple, fun and yet empowering tool, that will help children with all areas of life. A happy and positive mind is what we all want for children and is the perfect foundation for development.